More free fan sounds
for a great night’s sleep

Find more free fan sounds 🙌 and other the popular sleep sounds on YouTube for free or on every popular music streaming service including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music, and YouTube Music or download one of our White Noise apps.

The complete fan album

Listen to an entire album of various fan sounds including oscillating fans, ceiling fans, box fans on various speeds, a central AC unit, and a window AC unit to name just a few. 

Air conditioner

The hum of an a/c providing cold air during summer . Our recording is a medium sized home HVAC cooling and heating system which will help you sleep through the night.

Bathroom fan

Listen to a bathroom fan humming overhead. You can almost feel the steam in the air being lifted up to the ceiling as the mist circulates smoothly upward. 

Oscillating fan

Listen to an oscillating fan that is slowly moving back and forth and covering a wide range of space as the fan blades cut through the air quickly. 

Kitchen fan

Sounding much like digital white noise, a stove hood blows furiously to circulate air out of the kitchen. No fires were set for this recording, thankfully.

Garage vent fan

Three large circulation fans blow air steadily through a large underground garage in a pleasantly spacious recording.

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